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Saint John Chrysostom: Condign Retribution and Reward!

Saint Nicholas Velimirovich   Punishment and reward. Both of these are in the hands of God. But just as life on earth is no more than a shadow of…

Nov 15, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

Saint Paisios the Athonite, Patron Saint of Signalmen

Nikolaos G. Koios, Content Coach of Pemptousia   Following a request by the Office of Military Chaplains, part of the General Staff of the Greek Armed…

Nov 10, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

Do you Possess the Signs of Christ’s Beatitudes? (part 1)

Saint Symeon the New Theologian   Our Christ and God calls to us every day through his Gospel: “blessed are the poor in spirit, because theirs is…

Nov 08, 2017
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How Natural Disasters Strengthen our Faith

This week’s episode covers several topics including; “How Natural Disasters Strengthen our Faith”, “Spiritual Fathers, Who are…

Nov 07, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

On Light

W. J. Lillie   In his 56th Discourse (On faith and those who say it is not possible to live in the world and achieve the perfection of the virtues),…

Nov 06, 2017
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How to deal with the crisis in a spiritual manner-2

Metropolitan Athanasios of Lemessos   Therefore, the prophets were advocating repentance and a return to the Lord’s path. When all is said and done,…

Oct 06, 2017
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How to deal with the crisis in a spiritual manner-1

Metropolitan Athanasios of Lemessos   Indeed we are presently facing some tough times which affect everyone. It seems that we are all aboard a ship-…

Oct 04, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

Archim. Zacharias: “Descent” as a Way of Meeting God

Watch Now  Archimandrite Zacharias from Forerunner’s Holy Monastery, Essex, England, explains how “Descent” is a perfect way to meet…

Sep 12, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

On the Peculiar Way Christ Saved the World

Amir Azarvan, Georgia Gwinnett College   If you were God and chose to be incarnate for the purpose of redeeming fallen humanity, what method of redemption…

Aug 22, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

Jonathan Jackson: The Subversion of Social Structures Today

Watch Now “The word became flesh”: this revolutionary truth is the base of the real distinction for every human and social structure under the light…

Aug 07, 2017