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Jonathan Jackson: The Subversion of Social Structures Today

Watch Now “The word became flesh”: this revolutionary truth is the base of the real distinction for every human and social structure under the light…

Aug 07, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

Abbot Damascene: Social media and spiritual life

Watch Now. Abbot Damascene, in this part of his interview to Pemptousia, talks about the worth of social media to the lives of modern Christian, highlighting…

Aug 04, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

Contemporary Christians’ Spiritual Quality

Protopresbyter Vassileios Kalliakmanis, Professor of Theology (Thessaloniki, Greece) speaks on the spiritual quality of Christians today. Source:…

Jan 18, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

Variations in the Spiritual Life (Teachings from Athos)

Even though we’re in the season of winter, we had a fine day yesterday, with lots of sunshine. We felt the weather had taken a turn for the better, and…

Nov 20, 2016
Pemptousia Partnership

One Desires, Another Gives

Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an…

Oct 05, 2015
The Children's Word

The Children’s Word: Chutes and Ladders

Welcome to The Children’s Word, a weekly ministry of the Orthodox Christian Network brought to you by Presvytera Alexandra Houck! This week, Pres. Alexandra…

Mar 18, 2015