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LIVE Bible Study

Missed Bible Study? – Session 37 Archive – LIVE Bible Study

Missed Bible Study This Week? Watch the Session 37 Archive of the LIVE Bible Study- The Church of the Holy Apostles – The Book of Acts With Fr. Athanasios…

Nov 19, 2015
The Sounding

My Encounter with St. John Chrysostom

  The first time I ever saw the holy relics of saints was at Philotheou Monastery on Mt. Athos.  It was after the evening service and the fathers…

Nov 17, 2015
LIVE Bible Study

LIVE Bible Study Guide – Session 36 – The Book of Acts

LIVE STREAM Bible Study Guide The Book of Acts 16.11 – 24 – Homily 35 November 4, 2015 With Father Athanasios Haros Every Wednesday at 7…

Nov 02, 2015

Charitable Works Abolish Death by St. John Chrysostom

A selection from a sermon by our father among the saints, John Chrysostom (On the Nativity, 55). The saint writes: is so great that they not only cleanse…

Jul 29, 2014