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Be Renewed in Christ

Giving Your Life for Another – Honoring Veteran’s Sunday

  President Harry Truman was the object of an assassination attempt in which two secret service agents were killed while protecting him. In recounting…

Nov 09, 2015
Orthodox News

Finally home – Burying the homeless

The homeless dead carried to graves by Christian young men In an earlier article “Soldier in the Streets” (,…

Nov 05, 2015
Come Receive the Light

Conflict and Faith

In honor of Veterans Day, Fr. Ernesto shares his insight as a veteran regarding the spiritual concerns for military personnel returning from combat. He…

Nov 07, 2014
Come Receive the Light


We’ll continue our monthly theme of New Beginnings with Dr. Randa Anderson of the Orthodox Christian Counseling Institute, here to talk with us about…

Mar 14, 2013