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Pascha and Doubt

Holy Week and Pascha present a real temptation to live one’s faith in a way that seeks to be externally perfect rather than beautiful for Christ….

Apr 23, 2017
The Sounding Blog

Celebrating the Love of the Theotokos

As a sinful follower of Jesus Christ, my ultimate goal is to see God and His kingdom. When I first became Orthodox, the one I’ve turned to for guidance…

Oct 02, 2016
The Sounding Blog

Waiting and Being

It’s Holy Week, and my cat is dying. She is old, older than we had thought, and her kidneys are diseased. Other than alleviating her symptoms, there…

Apr 30, 2016
Walking in Faith

Coping with Life’s Struggles: Part Three, Coping with Disappointments

In this third episode of a three​-​part series on “Coping with Life’s Struggles,” Fr. Nicholas Louh shares his thoughts on how to…

Jun 17, 2015