The Benefits of a Father Confessor

​Is temptation the same as committing the sin? Archimandrite Christodoulos (Papadeas)​,​ the IEROKYRIX (Preacher/Confessor) of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta​,​ talks with Fr. Chris and answers this question and many more, such as: Do you know how to find a spiritual father?, Do we have to confess everything?, and How do we confess our sins? This interview could open you heart to the gift of forgiveness​ and possibly inspire a desire to be relieved of your burdens through the holy sacrament of confession.

But first, ​we look at ​the age​-​old question​:​ “Why was Jesus baptized if He was without sin?” We have a few words from Fr. Barnabas Powell​,​ from his podcast Beauty Will Save the World​,​ on the sacrament of baptism. Was Jesus being restored in His baptism​,​ or was His creation? Listen in.

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