The Gospel of Matthew, Part 59

The Traitor’s Bargain

We can pinpoint three real reasons why Judas betrayed Jesus:

1. It may have been of avarice
2. It may have been because of bitter hatred
3. It may be that Judas never intended Christ to die

It’s not Jesus who can changed by us, be we who need to changed by Christ.

“Rabbi, is it I?” (Matt¬†26:25)

There is no question that Judas went about his deceitful business with complete secrecy. He had to conceal his plans from his fellow disciples but could not conceal them from Christ.

Christ knows always what we have in our hearts and minds no matter how hard we try to hide or forget.

The only weapon that Christ will ever use is the weapon of love’s appeal.

When Christ seeks to stop us from sinning, he does two things:

1. He confronts us with our sin.
2. He confronts us with Himself.

“He sees a man to become aware of the horror of the thing he is about to do, and of the love which yearns to stop him doing it.”

“Our hearts revolt against the son or daughter who cold-bloodedly breaks a parent’s heart – which is what Judas did to Jesus – and the tragedy is that this is what we ourselves so often do.”

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