The March for Marriage

In this episode of Our Life in Christ and in America, Deacon Basil (Bill) Hinkle speaks with Fr. Daniel Meyer, the Pastor of Holy Ascension Antiochian Orthodox Church in West Chester, PA. Fr. Meyer is organizing the 3rd Annual March for Marriage, scheduled for April 25 in Washington, DC. They discuss how the topic of same-sex marriage can have wider implications for religious freedom in general. In answer to the question of whether a march should be a Christian effort,  Fr. Daniel reminds listeners that Archbishop Iakovos appeared on the front of Time Magazine, marching with Dr. Martin Luther King at Selma. On the current topic, Fr. Daniel shares information on how to get involved in this upcoming march as a way to publicly express Church teaching. He first urges people to educate themselves on the teachings of the Church. And he invites people, if possible, to join in the march on April 25. He also would like people to visit the website, for a positive presentation on the Church’s teaching on marriage.

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Bill (Basil) Hinkle, Former Minority Whip of the Washington State…
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