The Thief and St. Peter – The 3 C’s of True Christian Leaders (What a difference a few days can make.)

In this episode, Bill Marianes treats the topic of Christian Leadership, breaking it down by the “3 C’s”, Conviction, Courage, and Choices. The Apostles failed miserably when Jesus was arrested. They fled and did not, that day, show any conviction, courage, and clearly made the wrong choice. By contrast, the thief on the Cross, a “bad guy” who had not followed Christ as the Apostles had, confessed our Lord as King, with courage and conviction. By examining the difference between the actions of the Apostles and the thief crucified with Christ, we will explore the three elements necessary to be a true steward and Christian leader who lives your stewardship calling: Conviction, Courage and Choices.

The failure of the Apostles, however, was not the end of the story. They also arrived at a place of conviction, courage, and made the choice to dedicate their energies to the Great Commission. Bill challenges us to explore the 3 C’s in our personal and parish life and better dedicate to God the gifts He has given us as Stewards of his Grace.

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