This Week in Orthodoxy October 9th, 2015

This Week in Orthodoxy October 9th, 2015


Welcome to “This Week in Orthodoxy”, the world’s only online video newscast focused on events in the life of the Orthodox Church. I’m Emmy Louvaris. These are the some of the stories making headlines this week:

  • IOCC Relief Reaches Children Displaced by Ukraine Conflict
  •  Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras Visits Archbishop Demetrios
  • Three Orthodox Churches Celebrate Substantial Anniversaries
  • New resources on North American Saints include life icons and video-lecture

First up, International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) is responding to the urgent needs of the Ukraine.  Nearly two years of continued armed conflict has driven 1.5 million people from their homes. UNICEF estimates nearly 180,000 of those displaced are children. Among the most severely impacted are infants and toddlers, as well as mothers with special needs children. As Ukraine’s brief autumn turns into winter, the living conditions will only worsen.  IOCC, working in cooperation with local relief partner, Slavic Heart, is distributing kits containing essential baby food and hygiene items directly to families hardest hit, in two towns near the front lines of  conflict who face hunger daily as supplies grow scarcer due to damaged roadways and subsequent restriction of commercial movement.  The number in need of assistance has now reached a total of five million people, as conditions keep deteriorating. IOCC continues to assess opportunities to expand its presence there in response to the growing humanitarian needs.

To learn more about IOCC, and how you can help,  visit

And next up from New York, His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America met with Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras on Oct. 1st.  Both greeted each other at the entrance of the Archdiocese Headquarters and continued on to the chapel where  his Eminence showed the Prime Minister the few items that survided the destruction of the Saint Nicholas Church during the Sept. 11th attack.  The two discussed the progress and the vitality of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and the Greek American community in the US. They also spoke about  intensifying the efforts of the Omogeneia in support of the motherland, especially as Greece tries to grow its economy.

Tsipras thanked the Archbishop for the substantial assistance and philanthropic support of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America to Greece during the crisis, mentioning the Center for Children “Dimitreio” in Mos-hato (Athens) as an example.  He continued by saying that the center is an example of solidarity and benevolence for children in need and that standing with, and helping the fellow human being is invaluable work and is a goal which the efforts of both the Church and the State should converge, so no one will have to face tough times alone.

And next, Three Orthodox Churches in North America Celebrate substantial Anniversaries!   On Sunday September 20th in Springfield, Vermont the Holy Trinity Church of the Orthodox Church in America celebrated their 110th Anniversary, where Russian immigrants began settling the area, in the early 1890s.  On October 5, 1905, Archpriest [now Saint] Alexander Hotovitsky celebrated the first Divine Liturgy.

In Detroit and established in 1915, another Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, of the OCA, celebrated their Centennial on October 3-4th.

And in Windsor, Canada Saint John the Divine parish, considered the “Mother Church” of Orthodox Christianity in the region also celebrated their Centennial. In the early 1900s, and without a church, Windsor’s Orthodox Christians would travel to Detroit, MI for services.  The parish’s first church building was completed in 1916.

And lastly, Two new resources are now available in the study of the lives of North America’s saints. One is  a series of “life icons” and the other is a video-lecture on the martyred Saint Juvenaly of Alaska.  A “life icon” is a series of smaller icons showing specific events in a saint’s life that surround a central panel depicting the saint.  The full-color life icons can be downloaded and printed for free for use by individuals and parishes at the Orthodox Church in America website   under the Department of Christian Education. “Each icon offers a frame-by-frame explanation of individual scenes from a saint’s life with a detailed narrative on the reverse.

Another resource available is a video-lecture on Saint Juvenaly produced under the auspices of the OCA. “The video untangles the great mystery of the death of Saint Juvenaly, revealing inaccuracies in some documentation and debunking a previously written fictionalized account of his life and it also traces the historical events concerning the ministry and activities of the first missionaries to North America-history that has been preserved for us by some surprising non-Orthodox sources!”

And in News from OCN.  October Is Support a Mission Priest Month. We aren’t all called to be prophets or to serve the Lord in the ranks of the clergy, but we are called to the royal priesthood and to support those who are called to be priests and missionaries.

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That brings another edition of “This Week in Orthodoxy,” to a close. For everyone here in our OCN studios, I’m Emmy Louvaris.  Let’s go forth in peace.

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