Cana, Nazareth, and Mount Tabor

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Before Leaving
Today’s journey began with the Church of the Holy Apostles in Capernaum, just steps from the Sea of Galilee. This church commemorates the place where the resurrected Christ asked Peter “Do you love me?” three times, and then told Peter to care for His followers.

Icon of Christ calling the ApostlesWe heard an interesting story of how after Christ was crucified, Mary Magdalene went to Rome and requested and was granted a meeting with Caesar.  When she met with Caesar, she asked how he could crucify an innocent man and said that he had been resurrected.  Caesar asked for proof, and the egg that either she or he was holding turned red.  He then believed.  We also learned that Pontius Pilate died in infamy.

Entering the Church at CanaCana
We came next to Cana, where Christ performed His first public miracle, turning water to wine at a wedding. There is a Greek Orthodox Church here to commemorate the place where this occurred.

Inside the Church at NazarethNazareth
If you reference page 33 of the study guide, it notes that “The city is the home of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus and the beginning of his ministry.” The Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth is built over the site of the well where Mary was standing when the angel Gabriel told her that she would give birth to Jesus. We visited this well today, another holy site that documents the journey. As Father Steve said, “At this place was the conception of the Word having become flesh.” Regarding dates, some believe this is the origin of the church. As Father Chris said, “One must think, hear, and act” as the Virgin Mary did when she heard from the angel Gabriel.

About a 10-minute walk from the well is the house of the Virgin Mary. At this site is a Catholic Church that is built over top of the Virgin Mary’s house. It is an amazing holy site. We also visited the synagogue where Christ preached and the Monastery of Saint George.

Inside the Church of the TransfigurationMount Tabor
It was here that Jesus showed himself, transfigured, to the apostles Peter, James, and John. We visited the Church of the Transfiguration atop the mountain which honors this holy place.

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