WATCH: A New Movie About St. Luke of Crimea, a World Famous Surgeon

WATCH: A New Movie About St. Luke of Crimea, a World Famous Surgeon


Luka,” a new movie filmed in Ukraine and Belarus, tells the dramatic story of the world famous surgeon who would become St. Luke of Crimea.

The film’s synoposis says:

The year is 1917. Young doctor Valentin Voyno-Yasenetskyj with his wife and four children moved to Tashkent, beset by civil war and intervention. Voyno-Yasenetskyj became head physician in the city hospital. He not only saves hundreds of patients every day, operating under the bullets of the permanent street battles, fighting for his life and life of his beloved wife, dying of TB. In the midst of persecution, he is alone with four children on the outskirts of the former empire, so he decides to become a priest. And since then, he never gives up either scalpel or cross — he goes with them through all his hard exiles and arduous life, treating both: body and soul.

St. Luke of Crimea was an Archbishop in the Russian Orthodox Church during Soviet times and an occasional prisoner on account of his faith, suffering extended physical torture in Soviet gulags for as long as 2 years at a time.

He is called the “Blessed Surgeon” because in addition to his work in the Church he was also a practicing doctor and professor of medicine, known internationally for his research on anesthesia and his innovative surgical techniques. St. Luke reposed in the Lord in 1961, and his prayers and relics are known to heal many people today of physical maladies.

You can learn more about the film on a recent episode of The Moving Icon.

Let us know if you’ve seen the film — or would like to!

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