The Way Back – IOCC’s Relief to Syria and On Being Engulfed by Suicidal Tendencies

With over 6 million people displaced within Syria, the growing hardships of people are being alleviated by International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC). We hear from Mark Ohanion, Director of Programs in the Middle East for IOCC on the challenges they face as they put their programs into place, working in partnership with the social arm of the Greek Orthodox Church in Syria. IOCC has focused its aid on long term solutions to assist the people of Syria, find out how you can support their initiatives through their website In the next interview Fr. Chris talks with Dr. David Batterston about suicide and the two articles David wrote on the subject. An important conversation to listen to, for who knows when we may need to reach out to someone or may find ourselves diving into the dark depths of despair.

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