What is Camp Agape?

What is Camp Agape?


If you are the parent of a child with cancer, what do you need most? What if you are that child’s sibling? Or the child with cancer – what do you need most?

What you need most is unconditional love. Your daily life is full of fear, pain, hard work, and stress. It’s hard to remember a time when you could laugh and relax. It’s hard to remember what it felt like to be still and reflect on your experience with someone who wanted to understand it.

At Camp Agape, families who are battling childhood cancer can do all those things. They can bask in unconditional love, dance, laugh, be still, talk…they can relax and heal, even if only for a few days, before they get up and rejoin the battle.

Camp Agape is a program of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco Philoptochos Kids ‘n’ Cancer Ministry, and there are camps in Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington. The ministry provides an extraordinary, all-expenses paid summer camp experience in a safe environment specially designed to meet the needs of children and families fighting cancer.

Watch the video above, taken at Camp Agape NW in Washington state, to better understand how special this ministry is and how deeply it touches the hearts of families who come to it.

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