WTHR: Iraqi Christian Family in Indianapolis Prays For Those Still There

By Emily Longnecker, WTHR reporter
INDIANAPOLIS – For one Indianapolis family, watching the images of Christians being killed in Iraq is horrifying.

They call it a holocaust and know that could very easily be them dying for their faith, had they not made the decision to leave and come to the United States.

Alfan Abdulahad recites a prayer in Arabic.

It’s a prayer that today, in parts of Iraq controlled by the extremist group ISIS, would mean death for the 56-year-old pharmacist who now lives in Indianapolis with her family.

The crucifix around her neck says it all. Alfan is an Iraqi Christian.

“This is my faith. I will sacrifice everything for my faith and for my safety,” she said at her apartment on the north side of Indianapolis Friday.

Eight years ago, Alfan, her husband and two sons fled Iraq because of what they saw around them, an increasing persecution of Iraqi Christians.

“We left our home. We left, I mean, everything,” said Alfan.

“The world did not speak about it or listen to our suffering,” said her son Sarmed, who explained that Christian churches have been bombed in Iraq since 2004, not to mention the kidnappings, torture and killings of Christian clergy.

Read the complete article and watch a video here.

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