45 Churches Burned in Niger: Media Not Interested

45 Churches Burned in Niger: Media Not Interested


Remember the outrage expressed around the world over the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo? Social media hummed, the world mourned, people marched and burned candles.

This month, in a single weekend, an extremist mob in Niger burned at least 45 churches to the ground and drove Christian families from their homes. Ten people were killed.

The media gave the events a cursory nod and passed on to other things. One major media outlet even reported the event from the perspective of the Muslim attackers. Why? What is behind the enormous discrepancy in coverage between these two events?

“Could you imagine the international outcry if Christians burned 45 mosques?” asks Todd Starnes, host of the Fox News & Commentary radio program. “But that’s not what happened in Niger. The Christian community did not retaliate.”

Click here to read a full account of the event, including the amazing story of what these persecuted Christians in Niger said at their press conference after the burnings.

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