A Conversation About God with Actor Jonathan Jackson & Dr. Norris Chumley

A Conversation About God with Actor Jonathan Jackson & Dr. Norris Chumley


With thanks to Pemptousia, strategic partner to the Orthodox Christian Network, watch a fascinating conversation about God with Actor Jonathan Jackson and Dr. Norris Chumley.

About Jonathan Jackson

“Jonathan Jackson is an American actor, musician and author. His first well known character was Lucky Spencer on the ABC Daytime soap opera General Hospital, a role which has won him five Emmy Awards. In 2002, he played Jesse Tuck in the film Tuck Everlasting. In 2012 he assumed the role of Avery Barkley in the ABC prime time drama Nashville.”  “In 2012, Jackson and his family were baptized into the Orthodox Church.[45] Jackson cited a trip to Romania and Rome that first brought his attention to learning more about the religion.[38][41] In his acceptance speech for his 2012 Daytime Emmy Award, he thanked the Holy Trinity as well as the monks on Orthodox monastic enclave Mount Athos.”  Source:  Wikipedia.

About Dr. Norris Chumley

Dr. Norris Chumley is a renown author, theologian and producer.  Dr. Chumley is “an Emmy Award-winning executive producer, director, professor, theologian and author. His work has been featured internationally in theaters, film festivals, on every major digital platform and in the United States on PBS, NBC, ABC, A&E, USA, Showtime/The Movie Channel, HBO/Cinemax, WNET/13 (New York City Public Television), the web, and on national public radio stations.

“Dr. Chumley earned the B.F.A. in Film and Television with honors from New York University in 1981. In 2000 he entered graduate school, earning the M.A. (2002), M.Phil. (2004) and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. (2008), in Theology and the Arts, from Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York.”

“Most recently, Chumley has authored Be Still and Know: God’s Presence in Silence (Fortress Press, 2014) along with a companion one-hour ethnographic field film of the same title (bestillandknow.info). His critically acclaimed feature-length documentary, Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer, was seen in theaters, college campuses, churches, Comcast and FiOS VOD, and on over 365 public television stations (PBS) in the U.S. beginning in 2013. (JesusPrayerMovie.com).”  Source:  Dr. Norris Chumley

To read Dr. Chumley’s full biography, click here.

About Pemptousia

“The Greek philosophers from Ionia considered held that there were four elements or essences (ousies) in nature: earth, water, fire and air. Aristotle added ether to this foursome, which would make it the fifth (pempto) essence, pemptousia, or quintessence.

According to Aristotle, this essence exhibits many properties: it is un-generated, un-aging, incorruptible, eternal, constant and unchanging. Moreover, it is located in the high levels of the heavens (in the “very high area”) where the divinity resides.”  To Learn more about Pemptousia, click here.

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