A Treasure to Hold

A Treasure to Hold


The daily lives of the saints are an important aspect of our faith.  They are an often untapped resource of support and inspiration.   Through their teaching, witness and devoted love to Christ and His Church, they have preserved the faith.  We owe it to them to teach our children their stories.  Then our children can establish authentic relationships with the saints, not just memorize their biographies.

My favorite resource for Children’s Books comes from Potamitis Publishing, a family-run publishing house in Greece.  Potamitis is devoted to the ministry of hagiography; the biography of a saint.  Dionysios and Ekaterine Potamitis have found a way to express our Orthodox traditions of iconography and hagiography in a kind-hearted and educational approach.  Ekaterine, the illustrator, offers vibrant colors and stylized drawing to capture the reader’s attention.  I absolutely love her technique.  It fosters a love for iconography through familiarity. It also brings the church into the home, right into the lap and eyes of the reader.  She is a gifted iconographer.

But it’s not just the illustrations that have endeared me to this publishing house.  Dionysios is dedicated to the dogmatic lesson in the saint’s examples.  He offers well-researched and knowledgeable storylines.   His love and intimacy of the saint’s life is revealed in the narrative.  The saints are his companions, not his research project.

His dedication to the saints goes even further. Ask him about his business and he will quickly correct you. He will tell you, “This is a ministry, a calling.”  Potamitis, a former professional translator, is devoted to offering as many languages as possible.  All publications are printed in Greek and English, but you can find parts of his Paterikon series, a collection of over 46 titles of small booklets, available in ten different languages.

His generosity continues in the large hardcover books which come with a CD.  The audio features various guest readers.  The Prayer Book includes the hymns of the feasts and prayer services and has an explanation of the prayers.  The Prayer Book is an exceptional resource.  These hardcover books are heirloom quality; large size ( 8.2×11.4 inches).

All of their books are printed in full, vibrant color on the finest Greek/European paper in Greece.  With over 200 titles, they offer hardcover, booklets and activity books for ages 4-15.  You can find their books in all major Orthodox bookstores, like Holy Cross Bookstore.  Or you can go directly to the Potamitis website.

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Presvytera Vassi Makris Haros is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Art, Architecture & Planning and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. She is the owner, designer and photographer of V’s Cardbox, In Service and Love. a greeting card company featuring cards with an Orthodox voice. She strongly feels that experiencing the Orthodox Faith through the church’s cyclical calendar of feasts and fasts is a gift that is too often overlooked.