An Animation of St. George Slaying the Dragon

On this day (April 23) in 303 A.D., St. George the Great Martyr was beheaded for his faith in Christ. St. George was born into a devout Christian family during a time of severe persecution. He gave his wealth to the poor and, under the reign of Emperor Diocletian, was tortured for being a Christian. But he persevered until the end.

A story about St. George slaying a dragon comes to us from the 11th and 12th centuries. It is said that a fearsome dragon held an entire city in fear. Each year, in order to appease the dragon, the people cast lots and an unfortunate young girl was offered as a living sacrifice. This particular year, the lot fell on the King’s daughter. She was bound and set out for the dragon.

Then, out of nowhere, St. George appeared on a white horse. He slew the dragon and bound him with a leash, giving it to the princess.  The above video is an animated version of this miracle. Check it out and let us know what you think.

A blessed feast of St. George to you! St. George, pray for us!

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Ben Cabe

Ben Cabe is a writer, artist, and filmmaker. Married with two children, he loves to read works of philosophy and theology and is especially interested in how the early Church Fathers utilized and refashioned the philosophical language of the time in order to incarnate divine truth. Ben makes a living by solving problems for businesses through visual communication and animated web content.