Anastasia Pahos: Eliksiir

In this episode, Chris Vlahonasios follows up with Orthodox composer Anastasia Pahos following a concert in Melbourne, Australia which featured her classical composition entitled “Eliksiir.” Chris was able to attend the concert and asks her to explain the theological underpinnings of the piece. She explains that she was expressing how people at times become fixated and obsessed with a certain thought, but she expresses liberation from thoughts that enslave at the end of the piece. Ms. Pahos explains how she personally derives inspiration from spiritual reading and reflects on how her Orthodox Faith has come to be central to her expression as a musical artist, something that she regrets was not true even just a few years ago.

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Chris Vlahonasios

Chris Vlahonasios is a law graduate from Victoria University and Orthodox media writer for TRANSFIGURE Media.


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