Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Oxi Day on October 28 2015

Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Oxi Day on October 28 2015


Inspired by the The Washington Oxi Day Foundation, the Orthodox Christian Network features their important work to “inform American policymakers and the public about the profound role Greece played in bringing about the outcome of World War II and celebrating modern day heroes who exhibit the same courage as the Greeks did in continuing to fight to preserve and promote freedom and democracy around the world – Please join us in raising awareness for OXI Day.

Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Oxi Day on October 28 2015

Tomorrow is the 75th Anniversary of Oxi Day.  Please watch this important video which highlights the role of the Orthodox Church in World War II – in which world leaders tell the story of Oxi Day.  This important video highlights the accomplishments of The Washington Oxi Day foundation in its first four years.

As background, 75 years ago and early in the morning of October 28th, 1940, the Greek Prime Minister was awoken to respond to a series of demands from a representative of the Axis Powers which would have allowed foreign troops free reign in Greece. His response was simple, yet firm: “Oxi” — No.

This video tells that story of Oxi Day, an occasion routinely celebrated in Greece, and now, in Washington.  The video demonstrates the grit, tenacity, and love of country found not only in Greece but in the hearts of all truly free peoples.

This incredible  video features the World War II memorial in Washington DC and leadership including Archbishop Demetrios and Andrew Manatos, Founder of The Washington Oxi Day Foundation.  Today’s world leaders praise Greek courage during World War II “against Hitler’s axis forces and the holocaust that was recognized by American and world leaders to have changed the course of history”.  This important video reminds of the history that has “almost been forgotten”.  Hear from world leaders including Vice President Biden, President Clinton, Chris Matthews, Benjamin Gilman, Secretary Hillary Clinton, Admiral James Stavridis, Congressman Joseph Crowley, Bono, Aung San Suu Kyi, John Githongo, George Logothetis and many more.

“When the entire world had lost all hope, the Greek people dared to question the invincibility of the German monster raising against it the proud spirt of freedom”.  – Franklin Roosevelt, US President (1933-1945)

About The Washington Oxi Day Foundation

The 75th anniversary of Oxi Day takes place on October 28, 2015 in Washington DC. We invite you to learn about The Washington Oxi Day Foundation’s annual celebration by clicking here.

Today’s heroes around the world who – in the spirit of Oxi Day – courageously battle Goliaths for freedom and democracy are nominated by America’s policymakers and opinion leaders to be honored before international and national leaders convening in Washington, D.C. each October for the Annual Washington Oxi Day Celebration.

Some of the dignitaries include:

  • Senators and Members of Congress
  • Senior White House, Defense and State Department officials
  • World War II veterans
  • Officials and Ambassadors from Greece and other nations.

This multi-day event of international significance celebrates:

  1. The day Greece refused to surrender, thereby inflicting the wound that eventually brought down the Axis forces in David vs Goliath fashion.
  2. Those modern-day Davids who have demonstrated the same courage as the Greeks in fighting for freedom and democracy in their own nations.

Please Donate & Support the efforts of The Washington OXI Day Foundation

We invite you to support the efforts of The Washington OXI Day Foundation.  Proceeds from your donation will fund ongoing activities by the Washington Oxi Day Foundation in its mission to educate American policymakers and the public about the profound role Greece played in bringing about the outcome of WWII.

Please click here to make donation to The Washington OXI Day Foundation.

Source:  OXI Day Foundation

Please visit and  learn about The Washington OXI DAY Foundation.

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