The purpose of Orthodox Christian Network is to strengthen Orthodox Christian communities and to share the timeless faith of Orthodoxy with the contemporary world through modern media: radio, the Internet, podcasts, resources, television and more.

We have a number of costs that are associated with running this ministry – hosting, tech costs, design, and a small team that helps run the day to day aspects of running OCN.  Please note, sometimes when you click a product from our page, we’re earning a small fee from the company.  We accept paid advertising on the side bar and use affiliate links in posts at times.

Be assured we only accept this opportunity when it is something that our team thinks will be valuable and helpful to our viewers. Our values are most important and we won’t post it if we don’t see it as helpful or inline with our purpose.

You are a top priority for OCN’s Team.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please send us an email.  We can’t please everyone, but we want to live with integrity so we always welcome your input and constructive criticism.

This policy was updated January 31, 2019.