Discriminations, Διακρίσεις

Discriminations, Διακρίσεις




The fact that Jesus was dealing with all the people regardless of their social status, does not leave us the chance to do otherwise. We ought to equally behave to anyone whoever he is and represents. Acceptance is the key to unlock the brotherhood of humanity.


Το γεγονός οτι ο Χριστός διαλέγεται με όλο τον τότε περιθωριακό κόσμο, δεν μας αφήνει καμιά δικαιολογία ώστε κι εμείς σήμερα να κάνουμε διακρίσεις και να συνδιαλεγόμαστε μόνο με όσους κρίνουμε οτι αξίζει τον κόπο, η με όσους μοιράζονται την ίδια ιδεολογία κλπ. Ο Χριστός ήρθε για όλους, κι εμείς πρέπει να είμαστε έτοιμοι να προσφέρουμε σε όλους!


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Dimitris Karavasilis

Dimitris Karavasilis was born and grew up in Imvros, Turkey. He attended the Turkish primary school, while at the same time secretly learning the basic Greek language. Forced to emigrate, he settled in Greece. He went on to study both Theology and Greek Literature at the University of Athens, where he also attended post-graduate classes in the field of Comparative Paedagogics. He has been a radio producer at the local ecclesiastical radio station of the Metropolis of Pereus for 23 years. He still teaches religion and ethics at the High School level.