Do Not Forget Christ, So that He also Remembers You

Do Not Forget Christ, So that He also Remembers You


 By Saint Paisios the Athonite

The basis of everything is to keep our minds on God by offering Him our heart, which He desires. When our mind is on God and the heart distances itself from the body, then man does not live on earth anymore, but in Heaven. He does not worry about death or Paradise because he experiences it from this life. “The kingdom of Heaven is inside us”.

Maybe you will ask me: “You are correct in saying this, father, but how does one accomplish it?” I think it is easy, if we strive to achieve two simplifications: First, to simplify our life from a materialistic point of view and secondly to direct our attention to our spiritual existence rather than to our materialistic side. For example, if someone swears at us, instead of getting upset because the ‘old-self’ inside us has been offended, we must examine whether we had offended him in any way and to change our ways. Try to develop an ascetic conscience. Live spiritually like nuns and do not forget Christ so that He also remembers you.

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