Enter into the Spirit of Great Lent

Enter into the Spirit of Great Lent


Great Lent is about stepping out of the busyness of life and intentionally entering an arena to battle the passions. We are called to live simply and in stillness. We fast, we give alms, we attend special services . . . but sometimes, it’s hard to enter into the spirit of the fast. If you are having a difficult time entering with stillness and simplicity, watch the video above and listen to the beautiful music. It may be just what you need to step out of the craziness of life and enter into Great Lent.

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Ben Cabe is a writer, artist, and filmmaker. Married with two children, he loves to read works of philosophy and theology and is especially interested in how the early Church Fathers utilized and refashioned the philosophical language of the time in order to incarnate divine truth. Ben makes a living by solving problems for businesses through visual communication and animated web content.