Entering the Tomb of Christ

Entering the Tomb of Christ


As we near the end of the OCN pilgrimage to the Holy Land, I would like to share a collection of thoughts and pictures from our visit to the Holy Sepulcher. I spoke with several of my fellow pilgrims about this experience, and their thoughts are included here.

One of the things that really caught me was when we went upstairs where the Holy Cross stood, the place where Christ was crucified. There was a sculpture of the Virgin Mary there, and she looked so sad, that it captured me.

Another moment that was especially touching occurred as we waited in line to go into Christ’s tomb. We were struck by the hunger of people trying to get into the tomb and anxiously waiting. There was a push from the crowd, almost like a natural, but robust flow. All different peoples, nationalities, ages, all one family. It felt as if no matter who they are or where they came from, everyone there believes in Jesus.

Pilgrims waiting in line to enter Christ's Tomb

During our time there, Leann, one of the pilgrims, took a photograph of a painting of Christ on the Cross that hangs in front of Christ’s tomb. When she looked at the photograph, it showed a spontaneous lighting effect.

Photograph with spontaneous light effect in front of the painting of Christ on the Cross

A priest who was there asked to take a photograph of Leann’s photograph.

Priest photographing Leann's photograph with the special light effect in it

Here is the painting she was photographing.

Painting of Christ on the Cross with seven censors hanging in front of it


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