Every Five Minutes, a Christian Dies in the Middle East

Every Five Minutes, a Christian Dies in the Middle East


Blanca Ruiz recently published a startlingly article, featuring a Greek Orthodox priest who lives in Nazareth.

Madrid, Spain, Dec 12 (CNA/EWTN News) — Fr. Gabriel Nadaf is a priest of the Greek Orthodox Church. He lives in Nazareth and faces death threats for publicizing the state of Christians in the Middle East.

Fr. Nadaf has a 24-hour security escort, the highest level of protection offered by Israeli authorities. However, during his recent trip to Spain, he told CNA that he is not afraid and has come “to make the voices of Christians in the East heard.”

“What is happening in the Middle East is genocide, and it is happening today, now,” Fr. Nadaf said. “Every five minutes, a Christian dies in the Middle East, and Muslim leaders know it.”

“I have been screaming this for years while the world remains silent,” he stressed, adding that the region is being “emptied of Christians, and that is where their faith was born.”

The persecution of Christians has drawn attention from Pope Francis in recent months and was the subject of “The Global War on Christians,” a 2013 book by noted Vatican analyst John Allen, who wrote that 11 Christians have been killed every hour, every day, for the past decade. Attention to the plight of Christians in the Middle East has also risen with the escalation of ISIS.

Yet many advocates say there is still not enough awareness – or action – on behalf of the persecuted Christians, particularly those in the Middle East.

In response to this situation, Fr. Nadaf proposes that Christian leaders sign a clear declaration to confront the genocide.

“What they are doing is not enough. Something needs to be done to save them,” he said, including the sending of troops “to protect the Christians there.”

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