Are You Failing the Younger Generation?

Are You Failing the Younger Generation?


In this episode of Beauty Will Save The World, Fr. Barnabas Powell shares with us on the theme of “Missions and Evangelism.” What to do about the “problem” of youth leaving the Church? Fr. Barnabas proposes that we should begin with an unexpected solution–personal repentance. For all the ways we have failed to incarnate the Gospel to the younger generation, we have all failed to be faithful. He shares personally a range of ways in which he admits that, from time to time, he has not made the best use of the treasury of blessings and gifts entrusted to him through ordination, and he asks forgiveness. Listen to Fr. Barnabas’ heartfelt call to confess our failings and resolve to boldly proclaim the Gospel in the future!

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Fr. Barnabas Powell

Fr. Barnabas Powell is the priest of Sts. Raphael, Nicholas, and Irene Greek Orthodox Church. Fr. Barnabas is married to the former Connie Demas, and they have two daughters, Alexandra and Katerina. They live in the Cumming, GA area.