Finally home – Burying the homeless

Finally home – Burying the homeless


The homeless dead carried to graves by Christian young men

In an earlier article “Soldier in the Streets” (, OCN shared an up-close and personal interaction with a homeless veteran in Boston. His relationship to Christ was that of sitting on a back door stoop in tattered clothes staring with bleary eyes at the giant crucifix across the way. Now, in Detroit we see that certain young Catholic men have taken it upon themselves to carry the caskets of very similar homeless men and women, who have no one to claim their dead bodies. Imagine that these men gave their blood and sweat for the freedom of our country, and they die completely alone, and many times no one claims their body at the morgue.

Christianity should never condone the acts of war we see in this world, but we all contribute to a sense of chaos that broods into such things. Christ is the living care that we can nurture for each other in humility; and to have enough humility to realize that we are all responsible for what happens to the others who are alone. Sometimes we hear stories about veterans, who begin as such strong and courageous men, who are stripped of their youth much too early because they have such big hearts that they want to defend us, all of us who they do not know.

Young men in a High School of Detroit have felt so compelled by the Nature of Christ, to go well out of their way and their “bubble”, which we all can relate. The young Christian high schoolers did this to serve men who have no place and hardly a name, and have carried the homeless home, finally home.

To read this entire powerful story, please visit: Detroit News website

Photo credit: UD Jesuit High School



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