Great Hopes for New Student Center

Great Hopes for New Student Center


Chief of Staff Kevin Kovalycsik speaks on new student Center at Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

The leaves are turning to brilliant shades before they fall this time of year, and when they do fall they leave the view of Boston even more wide and clear. Imagine as the sheets of white winter come if the students of the Holy Hill could be able to see for miles while they study in the warm indoors. The magnitude of sweeping panoramic views would be just a tiny piece of what the new student center at Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology would be able to provide.

In his inaugural address, Father Christopher Metropulos stated that Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology was blessed to receive largest single donor gift in the history of the school and that gift is toward a new state of the art student center, which will be named after its donors George and Angelina Kostas. The George and Angelina Kostas Student Center would house many things including an online learning center, a dining area, bookstore and café, recreation areas, some offices, and a meditation center. Right now, under the guidance of Father Christopher and Kevin Kovalycsik the staff is doing their due-diligence to make this project a complete reality.

As of last month, the project is in the investigative stages which will help define the actual total cost of the project. One part of the investigative stages is the geoenvironmental studies, such as the borings that were successfully completed. These borings will help determine the contents of the footprint upon which the building will be built and they factor into the final cost of the facility. Upon completion and receipt of all geoenvironmental studies, the school can engage a structural engineer for the project and continue to move forward as one would with any major construction project. The new student center would be between 38,000 and 45,000 square feet with three floors. This is by no means a small project, it will require new roadways and pathways that will contribute to the overall aesthetics and environmental protection of property.

The new student center would be one of many projects that fulfill the “campus master plan” for 21st century. In his inaugural speech, Father Chris further outlined HCHC’s goal to increase admissions by ten percent each year. Additional students would require upgraded facilities of all kinds, which include renovation and the completion of iconography in the Holy Cross Chapel. It is the hope to move forward with the chapel project within a short amount of time if not simultaneous to the new student center.

Any new construction requires the continued generosity of the Faithfull’s prayers and almsgiving toward the institution. Father Christopher repeatedly said that he is not willing to incur any debt. It is only with thanks to all the individuals who continue to donate and have donated in the past to Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology that such a statement is possible. Finally, Father Chris and Kevin value the input of the campus community, the greater community, and they will continue to provide updates as they are available. In the Light of all this information, it is a great hope that in the years to come there will be more students to share Christ’s Love on a larger campus and with a greater percentage of the world.

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