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A few weeks ago I flew to Houston for a presvytera retreat.  We were instructed to wait at the baggage claim for the others and the shuttle bus.  I arrived early and it was a pleasure to see my presvytera sisters come around the corner.  We got a head start to our hugs and hellos, and caught up on each other’s news.

As I kept an eye out for the shuttle I noticed a man in a cassock wandering the area.  I had the sense he was waiting for a traveler.  I didn’t go up and say hello, after all, I wasn’t the airport presvytera or hostess.  I was technically off-duty.

As the crowds cleared and the flow of travelers dispersed to their cars and rides, another lone man in a cassock appeared.  This one was carrying a blue velvet mailbag, and immediately I knew who the first man was waiting for.  It wasn’t this second traveler, but THE PANAGIA!

Without any sense of fear or shame, I approached the gentleman and asked him directly if he was carrying a miracle icon.  The poor man was a bit dazed, and as he mumbled his confirmation, I quickly followed with, “We are 15 presvyteres waiting for a shuttle to a presvytera retreat.  Is it possible to venerate the icon before you leave?”

What a blessing!   He lifted the icon out of the velvet bag as we all drew near the sweet aroma of myrrh.  One by one, we made the sign of the cross and venerated the “Hawaiian” Iveron Icon.  Some cried as we realized the blessing before us.  The icon’s caretaker, subdeacon Nectarios, was generous.

mryhh icon hawaii

The “Hawaiian” Iveron Icon is a mounted-print with a distinctive style of silk-screen built into the icon.  It is an exact copy of the Montreal Myrrh-streaming Iveron Icon, smaller than a sheet of paper and about an inch thick.

Since June of 2008, She has been to over 1000 churches in North America of all (canonical) jurisdictions, and has been venerated by an estimated one million people throughout the United States and canada.  In many cities, the holy Icon is taken from one parish to another, being venerated by all the Orthodox clergy, and  helping to establish and heal relationships amongst the Orthodox faithful, and also strengthening and fostering ties between the sister parishes.  Requests have now been made for the Wonderworking Icon to be brought to Russia, the Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, South America, Europe, the Holy Land, Romania, Mount Athos, and Serbia.  When the Holy Icon was taken to the Republic of Georgia in 2014 at the request of the Catholicos-Patriarch ILIA II of Georgia, over a million faithful came to venerate the “Panagia of Hawaii.”  A number of miracles, including the healing of cancer, were reported to the Georgian Patriarchate.

If you would like to request Myrrh from the miraculous “Hawaiian” Iveron Icon, you may send your requests to The Iveron Icon,845 Queen Street #102, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813 USA

You may also email your myrrh and prayer requests to: request@orthodoxhawaii.org


mryhh icon hawaii2


“From thy Holy Icon, O Lady Theotokos, blessed myrrh has flowed abundantly.  Thou hast thereby consoled those, in exile, faithful unto thee, and hast enlighten the unbelievers by thy Son’s light.  Therefore O Lady, with tears we bow down to thee.  Be merciful to us in the hour of judgment.  Lest having received thy mercy we be punished as those who have been contemptuous of it.  But grant us through thy prayers to bring forth spiritual fruit, and save our souls” –  Troparion to the Iveron Icon, Tone 7.



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