HCHC Ambassadors Inspire, Enthuse, and Challenge

HCHC Ambassadors Inspire, Enthuse, and Challenge




Sonia Belcher’s HCHC Ambassador Program has been representing Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in parishes throughout the country since 2002. The mission of the Ambassadors is to “inspire, enthuse, and challenge Orthodox Christians of all ages to enhance their lives in Christ through nationwide ministry.” The variety of ambassadors represents the variety of people who are drawn to HCHC: freshmen and seniors, seminarians, MDiv students, as well as those studying elementary education, literature, and business, all make up this very enthusiastic group of men and women. I had the great pleasure to have a conversation with Alex Kamilaris, a Hellenic College graduate currently in his first year as a seminarian at Holy Cross, who told me about his experience working as a member of the Ambassadors team.

“I like to look at it as a program where we share our experience of our school, and bring to other people what our school has to offer.”

The ambassadors function exactly as you might expect them to, sharing the interests, experience, and education of a Hellenic College Holy Cross student with those who would like to learn more about life on the “holy hill.” Founded by the late Sonia Belcher, the ambassadors continue to follow in the vision she had for the program – to welcome people to campus by sharing the HCHC experience, and to offer to a wider audience the opportunity to experience in the education that we are blessed to receive at our beloved school.

The ambassadors typically focus on youth retreats. According to Alex, these retreats are primarily an opportunity for “leading the youth in their times of growth.” However, they have learned that it is not only young people who appreciate the opportunity to dig deeper into the beautiful richness of the Orthodox faith, and they therefore also offer parish-wide sessions for the faithful of all ages to attend.

I asked Alex what has changed since Fr. Chris has come to HCHC. He said that he feels like he has been equipped with new ammunition. “I feel blessed to be an ambassador this year, with Fr. Christopher as the new president. There is a new feeling of rejuvenation and excitement to really build the school into what we know it is capable of being, and also to try and share that excitement with the people we interact with.”

More information can be found about the individual ambassadors here. For more information about the program in general, or in order to contact the ambassadors in order to have them pay a visit to your parish, please e-mail ambassadors@hchc.edu or call 857-576-6033.



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