The Healing: Isceljenje

The Healing: Isceljenje


‘The Healing: Isceljenje’ (2014) is a Serbian film by Ivan Jović that tells the story of an Orthodox monk grappling with the aftereffects of war in his homeland. Carrying this pain in his heart, the monk finds his way to a secluded hermitage in the wilderness, where he encounters a Bosnian father and son undergoing an experience he thought impossible.

A visually splendid and spiritually uplifting film, ‘The Healing’ takes the viewer on a journey of forgiveness and transfiguration. The rich, spiritual cinematography is only matched by the angelic soundtrack sung by renowned Byzantine singer Nektaria Karantzi, transporting audiences to a profound state of spiritual awakening.

The film made its world premiere on 7th November 2014 at FilmFestival Cottbus in Germany, a festival dedicated to celebrating filmmakers from Eastern Europe.

Director Ivan Jović has worked on several film projects. He has written several books, including two novels, and worked on different television documentary projects as a screenwriter. In 2012, he started an ambitious documentary project of oral history called ‘Legacy,’ which includes real people`s stories about events during WWII in the former Yugoslavia. ‘The Healing’ screenplay was written by Monja Jović.

Host of THE MOVING ICON Chris Vlahonasios has secured interviews with Ivan Jović and Nektaria Karantzi.

‘The Healing’ trailer. English-subtitle pending.

Produced by Cinnamon Productions.

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