High-Speed Internet Spreads Evil, Says Prominent Russian Orthodox Bishop

High-Speed Internet Spreads Evil, Says Prominent Russian Orthodox Bishop


Modern technology brings with it positive and negative consequences. How should Christians respond to and use the internet? Recent remarks from His Eminence Metropolitan Clement of Kaluga and Borovsk have caused a spirited discussion in some circles. What do you think?

High-speed internet spreads evil, says prominent Russian Orthodox cleric

The world was a better and a kinder place in the age of clay tablets, according to a prominent Russian Orthodox Church figure, who believes modern ways of speedy data transfer serve the spread of evil.

The main thing about the internet is that it’s quick, so everything bad in it also emerges and spreads very quickly,” Metropolitan Climent said at a press-conference on Thursday, as cited by Interfax. “And creating bad things does not require much thought.”

Climent, who heads the Russian Orthodox Church’s Publishing Council, advocates taking time before disseminating information around the world.

Doing something “good, talented, and deep” even with the use of modern technology “needs effort and time, and a spiritual mood,” the priest said.

The internet is, according to him, not in itself an “incarnation of absolute evil.”

It’s just a means of accumulating and passing information,” Climent said. “Like clay tablets, birchbark letters, papyrus, parchment, stonewalls or other things used to transfer information in the past.

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