Holy Orthodoxy: The Ancient Church in the 21st Century

Nowadays, there are tens of thousands of online videos about Eastern Orthodoxy: documentaries, lectures, interviews, sermons, hymns, worship services, personal testimonies recorded in a parent’s basement.

Before the rise of Web 2.0, such was not the case. Multimedia productions required far more resources and planning.

One of the better examples of video production in that previous age is “The Ancient Church,” embedded above. Written and directed by Richard Zakka, and narrated by Stephen Baldwin (!!), the documentary was filmed on location in Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and the United States. It features interviews with well-known Orthodox leaders and authors, including several of blessed memory who recently passed away: His Beatitude Patriarch Ignatius IV of Antioch, His Eminence Metropolitan Philip (Saliba), and Fr. Peter Gilquist.

Devoid of jargon and pitched at a general audience (and, in particular, a Protestant American general audience), the video serves as a helpful introduction to people with little knowledge of Church history and no previous exposure to Orthodoxy. It also includes a testimonial-like presentation of the “Evangelical Orthodox” community’s mass conversion to Orthodoxy.

Check it out — and let us know what you think.

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Seraphim Danckaert

Seraphim Danckaert is Director of Mission Advancement at St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary. He holds an M.Div. from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology and is a Ph.D. candidate in theology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


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