Icons Miraculously Survive Fire at St. George’s in Knoxville, TN

Icons Miraculously Survive Fire at St. George’s in Knoxville, TN


Within the last week, fires devastated two separate Orthodox communities in North America. Early Pascha morning, a fire broke out at St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Knoxville, TN, and after the blaze, the church building itself was virtually unrecognizable. And yet, amid the rubble, something miraculous occurred. We were sent these two photos from one of the parishioner’s at St. George’s, who explained that an Icon of Christ and an Icon of St. George, the Patron of the community, miraculously survived the fire:

11147126_10153204542300330_8665300589278051665_nThis Icon [of Christ] survived the fire that gutted St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Knoxville, TN, early on Orthodox Easter Sunday morning. The glass melted, but the icon is undamaged. Another large, silver icon of St. George was in the narthex, where the fire began. Its frame was destroyed, but the icon is fine, after being cleaned of soot.

You can also see the silver icon of St. George on the candle stand on the right side of the photo. This is the destroyed narthex, with choir loft collapsed into it.

Look carefully at the picture at the beginning of the article. Do you see the icon of Saint George? It is times like these that we are reminded that our good God can be found even amid the fires and struggles of life, for as gold is refined in the fire, so are we.

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