On March 5, 2016, The National Herald published an article highlighting Faith in Pictures & Love in Action,  “If Michael Psaros Believes in You, or Your Company, Good Things Happen”.  To learn more, visit The National Herald and visit The Art of Belief to watch the epic film, PISTEVO.

With the publications permission, the following selected excerpts are quoted from the article by Constantine S. Sirigos, Staff Writer for The National Herald.  

By Constantine S. Sirigos, Staff Writer for The National Herald

People who know Michael Psaros would not be surprised to learn that he recently financed a remarkable film titled Pistevo – I Believe.

Faith radiates from his relationship with God to his family, his colleagues, the companies he invests in and helps save and their employees, and to the communities that depend on them.

Michael Psaros is cofounder of KPS Capital Partners LP, “a family of private equity funds with approximately $5.4 billion of assets under management,” according to its website, which adds that “KPS seeks to realize significant capital appreciation by making controlling equity investments in companies across a diverse range of manufacturing industries.”

“The Greek words that pepper Psaros conversations are not incidental. Psaros is a passionate Greek Orthodox Christian who pours his energy and resources into Church service. The connection is not just ethnic.

The Church is also in the turn-around business, helping people find their way and assisting people who have stumbled to rise again, and Psaros is a man who wants to make an impact – as a businessman and as a human being.”

Faith in Pictures, Love in Action

PISTEVO picture with Archbishop DemetriosThe documentary Pistevo reflects Psaros’ love for the Church. “About five years ago during a visit to our parish (Greek Orthodox Church of Our Saviour in Rye NY), the Archbishop casually noted our church had white walls. He and other laypersons along with Fr. Elias had an epiphany that it was time to justice to Orthodoxy’s iconographic tradition through a multiphase iconography project.

The result produced by iconographer Dimitris Moulas is a magnificent work of spiritual art, but the true beauty generated by the project was manifested in the actions of the parishioners themselves.

“What we did not expect was how it transformed our entire community in the most deeply personal and spiritual ways,” he said.

Blessing of the Iconography at Greek Orhtodox Church of Our Saviour in Rye New YorkThe documentary illuminated how “it took a parish that was already a large family into something much more and much deeper…It’s hard to communicate the depth of the emotion as each phase was being completed.

But the miracle found the medium for communicating itself to the world.

Filmmaker Mark Brodie (of MIB Mediaworksan Emmy-winning news and documentary filmmaker) was sent to the church to film Fr. Elias talking about Psaros, but when he saw the scaffolding for the third phase of that remarkable work in progress, his 60 Minutes mind told him “this is a story,” as the priest launched into the tale of the endeavor.

Brodie said to Psaros “this story needs to be told, and in the right way”.

“All we ask is for every one of the faithful, every Orthodox Christian to sit down, especially with your children and watch (by visiting) www.theartof belief.org. We have been viewed in over 20 countries,” he said.

His faith is rooted in his family. Psaros idolizes his parents and grandparents, but a few years ago he discovered another role model, Michael Jaharis of blessed memory.

“The first time I met Mr. Jaharis I was invited to a presentation for Faith – An Endowment for Orthodox and Hellenism, by my friend Dean Metropoulos.” Of the latter Psaros said “I look up to him and he’s one of my heroes.”

“Jaharis was a titan, standing without peer, not because of his philanthropy but rather he was a philanthropic leader who called upon those who can give to contribute” – many of Jaharis’ donations came in the form of challenge grants.

Mr. and Mrs. Jaharis “did such extraordinary things” he said but he was also impressed by their humility.

“I believe that in our community, Orthodox and Hellenic, too few are prepared to speak up to as those who can give, to give.”

Psaros reiterated that for him, it’s not optional.

The Greek word philotimo sums up what he and his wife Robin aim for. It is a unique word for that transcends its literal translation as mere love of honor; Philotimo a love for the good, for doing the right thing – especially when no one is looking.

“The way I translate philotimo into English is by introducing people to my parents. They and my grandparents are living embodiments of philotimo…the most selfless people I ever met,” he said

“I never met a couple who puts the needs of everyone else, whether it’s their family or community – or in my mom’s case, schools – ahead of their own, and when you grow up in the presence of two saints like I did, it really impacts your life.”

He also paid tribute to his grandfather, from Halicarnassus on the coast of Asia Minor. “He was the giant in my life. He taught me to be a man.”

A picture of him at his barbers shop is one of the treasures in Psaros office.

“All he talked about was history and politics. If he really disagreed with a customer’s politics – if he perceived hypocrisy, he would throw him out of his shop” – even in mid shave.

To read the full article, ‘If Michael Psaros Believes in You, or Your Company, Good Things Happen on The National Herald’s web site, click here.

About Michael Psaros

Michael Psaros and PISTEVOMr. Psaros is an Archon Ostiarios of the Ecumenical Patriarch, Order of St. Andrew the Apostle, where he serves on the National Council. He is a member of many leading Orthodox and Hellenic-American organizations, including the Archdiocesan Council of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America; Faith: An Endowment for Orthodoxy and Hellenism; Leadership 100 – Advancing Hellenism and Orthodoxy in America; and the The Hellenic Initiative, where he serves on the Board of Directors.

Mr. Psaros received the Recipient of the Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100 Award for Excellence, the Humanitarian Award from the Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund, the Executive of the Year Award from the Hellenic American Bankers Association, and the Inspiration Award from the Loukoumi Foundaton.

He, and his wife, Robin, are contributors to the new St. Nicholas National Shrine – Ground Zero, New York, and generously financed, PISTEVO “I Believe”, the documentary that he hopes will inspire others.

“PISTEVO was created to inspire the faithful. This extraordinary story needed to be told. We witnessed the transformation of our community through the Ministry of Iconography, and stand as witnesses to the power of faith. We encourage everyone who is blessed to receive this film, to please share it with as many of the faithful throughout the Orthodox World as possible. God Bless You.” – Michael Psaros

About the National Herald

As the sister publication of the Ethnikos Kyrix, now almost a century old and the only daily Greek language publication in North America, The National Herald (TNH) was founded in 1997 in response to popular demand: to meet the needs of emerging generations of Greek-Americans whose primary language is English.

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About MIB Media Works

Led by President and Director, Mark I. Brodie, an Emmy-winning news and documentary filmmaker, MIB Mediaworks has had a distinguished track record working with leading network shows like 60 Minutes, CBS Evening News, NBC, Dateline and Cablevision. Early in his career Mark earned 6 Emmy’s, a Peabody and a Dupont award while at CBS.  Since 2004 MIB Mediaworks has won over fifteen corporate and web content awards for our clients.

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Nick Mavrick

Nick Mavrick served on the OCN Board of Directors. The OCN Board consists of volunteers, who are also donors, and are passionate about giving back to the Orthodox Church. We welcome other volunteers to join us.


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