Letting it Grow

Letting it Grow



Late in the evening, the faithful missionary hearts of Hellenic College Holy Cross once again gathered to hear words of wisdom as put forth by the great missionary veterans of our time. Under the hospitality of Father Luke Veronis and his father, Father Alexander Veronis, guest speakers Fr. Theodore Dorrance of St. John the Baptist in Portland, Oregon and Father Martin Ritsi of OCMC inspired many.

Fr. Theodore had the calm confidence of the Gospel in his heart and the air of a Northwestern woodsman. God is great and will show us the way. In time, Fr. Theodore has built a mission parish in Portland, Oregon from six families to one hundred and thirty families, but size was never his goal. In the true missionary Spirit he wanted to spread the Gospel as far as possible and only build what was necessary to meet the needs of the community. Inevitably that has become a larger and larger task, but that is because of the genuine idea of starting something and then letting it grow on its own has been the theme of the ministry. Father often made mention how he loved to plant the seeds in areas where he thought his flock was gifted and nurtured their development and then he would let go. This is the foundation of successful mission because in this way, if the community is all taking part, it begins to grow and develop on its own and the missionary can go on to continue sowing seeds. For more information about St. John The Baptist Greek Orthodox Church visit  http://stjohngoc.org.

And then Father Martin humbly took his turn. This man of great experience in intercultural Love poured his soul out before us, one of undying missionary zeal. He pleaded us to get involved in short-term and long term missionary work. Before the night was done we were all infected with the greatest desire to go and sow seeds. For the soil of people’s hearts changes.

Please get involved.  Go to the OCMC website.

If you’ve already been on a missions team, please share your experiences in our comments below.


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