Making “The Healing”: Orthodox Film-makers’ Perspective

Making “The Healing”: Orthodox Film-makers’ Perspective


In this episode, Chris Vlahonasios interviews Serbian Orthodox filmmaker Ivan Jović and his wife screenwriter Monja Jović. Their film “The Healing” (Isceljenje) has been released and is receiving accolades for its portrayal of an Orthodox monk grappling with the aftereffects of war in his homeland. The interview explores the filmmakers’ own grounding in faith that informed the making of the movie, as well as their choice to employ the talents of renowned Byzantine Chanter Nektaria Karantzi. The Healingis yet another example of fine Orthodox filmmaking coming out of Russia and the Balkans.

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Chris Vlahonasios

Chris Vlahonasios is the owner of Transfigure Media and founder of the Byazanfest film festival, the world’s only online Orthodox Christian film festival streaming the very best short and feature-length films.