Men in Black: Video about Orthodox Clergy and Monastic Attire

Men in Black: Video about Orthodox Clergy and Monastic Attire


Why do Orthodox clergy and monastics dress like they do? In this short documentary, Abbot Tryphon explains that the clothing worn by Orthodox clergy and monastics is evangelical in its nature. He says that “As Orthodox, this attire that we wear . . . is a great opportunity.” He recalls a time when he and a friend, who was a Roman Catholic priest, were walking down a Seattle street when a man came up to Abbot Tryphon and asked for prayer. Afterwards, his friend said, “He did not ask me to pray for him because I look like everyone else.”

Abbot Tryphon continues by exposing as a lie the idea that we have to make Christ marketable by dressing like everyone else. He says that such actions are “a betrayal of the cross . . . We are called to be of this other world. As Christians, we are a part of the kingdom of God.”

Watch the full interview above, and let us know what you think.

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