Miracle Icon, Panagia Tou Harou, is Celebrated Annually

Miracle Icon, Panagia Tou Harou, is Celebrated Annually


There is a famous miracle icon of the Virgin and Christ, on the island of Lipsi, Greece.  This icon, called Panagia tou Harou, depicts the Virgin Mary holding a miniature crucified Christ. The miracle comes from flowers that were offered as thanks to the Virgin Mary in the 1940s.  The local islanders tell of a woman who was praying in a little countryside chapel before the icon of Panagia tou Harou. Her prayers were answered, and in gratitude, she returned and placed a simple bouquet of lilies on the icon. These lilies were forgotten and dried on the icon.   In the following year, on Vespers of the Apodosis (Leave-taking) of the Feast of the Dormition (August 23), when they opened the little chapel once more, as it is customary to only hold services in the small chapels on their feast days, these rootless lilies blossomed and were fragrant. Since then, this miracle occurs annually on the feast and is celebrated with thousands of pilgrims.

Here is a video showing the faithful on the island celebrating the miracle with a parade through the town and liturgy in the chapel.  You will notice an endearing tradition of the citizens sprinkling the parade with rose water as the people walk by their homes and verandas.    It really is an amazing thing to experience.

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