In the new movie, “Mission Impossible,” Tom Cruise once again sets out to overcome almost impossible odds and obstacles in this action thriller, yet somehow he always survives and prevails. In this Sunday’s Gospel​,​ we are reminded of a similar type of message as Jesus says, “With God ALL things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

Beloved, life can seem like a mission impossible sometimes, with all its ups and downs, twists and turns and difficult challenges. Yet, let us take heart and believe in the words of Christ. There is no situation or circumstance in life that is impossible for God! He will help us cope with, manage​,​ and overcome all things.

You see, this is His promise to all of us. All we have to do is trust Him and believe that God is so awesome and powerful that nothing can interfere with His plans and purposes. But we have to do our part and give God first place in our lives by submitting our heart and will over to Him.

Jesus said, “W​ith men this is impossible, But with God, all things are possible.” What a positive and uplifting statement! You see, in life we all have problems and adversities. Jesus is saying, you’ve got to put your trust in Me and not merely in human thinking or understanding. Because human thinking, without God, can be very negative, cynical and pessimistic.

What is the difficult or impossible situation in your life right now? Beloved, it does not have to stay that way! Christ declares that we have to shift our minds and our thinking from mere human problem solving to trust in the all-powerful God who promises “all things are possible!”

I love in this verse how Jesus said the word, “with” God…all is possible. Are you with God? Do you spend time with God in prayer, with Him reading the Bible, with Him by coming to Church? That’s the relationship He seeks from us. And that relationship gives us strength, courage, hope and optimism. For with Him, nothing will be impossible.

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Fr. Chris Makiej

Fr. Christopher is a native of Lowell, MA. He received his Master of Divinity from Holy Cross School of Theology in 1991, and was Ordained in 1994 to the Diaconate by Metropolitan Methodios, and to the Priesthood by Metropolitan Maximos. He served as an assistant Priest at Annunciation Church in Lancaster Pennsylvania for five years and has served as Proistamenos of Saints Constantine and Helen Church in Andover, MA for the past seventeen years. In addition to the pastoral and youth ministry of his parish, Fr. Christopher has served as chaplain and Spiritual Father at Camp Nazareth, PA and Boston Metropolis Youth Camps. He also produced a regional cable television program called "Orthodox Life Today," which discusses current issues from an Orthodox Christian perspective. He also serves on the National Board of the Department of Outreach and Evangelism.