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The Orthodox Christian Network is thrilled to announce the launch of Orthodox News (Spark OCN) and Orthodox Prayerbook – our new mobile apps for iPhones & iPads!


Orthodox News (OCN Spark):
OCN Spark for iPhone

  • OCN Spark is an Orthodox Christian News portal that allows you to take action.  Spark provides daily devotions, live Bible study, and you can read and learn about events going on in the Orthodox Christian world and persecuted Christians.  In addition to making it easy to share news and articles with friends, Spark allows you make prayer requests for those who are suffering.  Click here to download OCN Spark from iTunes.

Orthodox PrayerbookOrthodox Prayerbook:

  • Orthodox Prayerbook:  Orthodox PrayerBook is the ultimate prayer assistant for Orthodox Christians. Not only does it allow you to carry your prayers around, it was designed from the ground up for the iPhone to allow you to pray in the least distracting manner possible.Carry with you all the prayers, information about daily saints and fasting schedules. Keep a list of people you want to pray for and have them automatically embedded into the prayers.Orthodox PrayerBook currently supports the Antiochian, Greek and OCA specific saints and daily variables.The Orthodox PrayerBook has been developed tirelessly by the Spark OCN team that include: Johanna Phillips, Michael Otte, Kali Godshall, Kyra Godshall, Nicholas Kachur and Juan Gabriel Quinodoz.  This project also could not have come about without the support of the Orthodox Christian Network ( and the Spark OCN executive team including Charles Lelon, Joanna Read, Nick Mavrick and Garry Paxinos.A special thanks to all the beta testers, especially the ever-vigilant Mat. Irene Phillips.  Click here to download Orthodox Prayerbook.  We need your donation to bring more Orthodox Apps to you and Christians throughout the world.

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You can listen to us too!

We feature two different formats for online radio.  The Anchor is talk radio.  The Rudder is Liturgical music.  They can be heard through a variety of radio apps including TuneIn and AHA Radio   Just go to your favorite APP STORE and you have the convenience of listening to our programs anytime, anywhere.



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