NEW FEATURE! Orthodox Christian Seminary News

NEW FEATURE! Orthodox Christian Seminary News


Can you name all the Orthodox Christian seminaries in the United States? In the world? Can you name more than one? Have you ever visited a seminary? What do you think happens at these schools where our future priests are trained? What is their work, and how is it accomplished?

Orthodox Christian seminaries are the heart and future of the Orthodox priesthood, and by extension of the church itself. Widespread understanding of the mission and activities of our seminaries is an essential part of a healthy church. Seminaries depend on the faithful not only to raise up each new generation of priests, but also to support the work of teaching and caring for them through ordination and beyond. Without seminaries, how can we maintain our priesthood? Without a priesthood, how can we maintain our church?

To help our seminaries reach out to the faithful, OCN has launched an “Orthodox Seminary News” page, featuring articles from seminaries around the United States and the world. We have invited, and continue to invite, seminaries to send us their newsletters, press releases, and items of interest to share on this page, and we will ensure that this information reaches the largest number of people possible, via our internet platform.

We strongly encourage you to visit the “Orthodox Seminary News” page often for a Pan-Orthodox perspective on these important schools and their sacred work. We also invite seminarians, professors, and priests to send us news from your school. We want to hear from you! Inquiries and articles can be directed to

We also ask your prayers for our seminaries. Especially today, when Christianity is under increasing pressure and outright persecution, please pray for the strength and peace of God’s presence at our seminaries and His blessing on their work.

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