New Programs at OCN

New Programs at OCN


Therefore we must give the more earnest heed to the things we have heard, lest we drift away.
Hebrews 2:1

Dear Friends of OCN,

During this sacred season of Lent, many of us try to find new ways to incorporate God’s word into our daily lives, whether through attending services, reading Scripture, or through the internet. Thanks to the prayers and financial support of people like you, OCN is pleased to announce its most robust programming line-up ever to help keep you inspired and motivated during these last weeks of Lent.

Beginning this month, we are producing not only our weekly flagship program, “Come Receive the Light,” which now airs in 3 languages, but also 7 other podcasts covering an amazing range of topics.

Moving Icon is hosted by Chris Vlahonasios, who invites listeners into the world of film and art. Using both interview and monologue formats, Chris reviews both Orthodox and secular films, introduces us to key Orthodox artists, and offers insightful reflections on how broad artistic trends are reflected in and re-shaped by faithful Orthodox.

Stewardship Calling, hosted by Bill Marianes, shatters the popular misconceptions surrounding stewardship and challenges the listeners to find their own, personal calling of stewardship. Tune in to hear how to substantially improve the experience and results of stewardship in your church and your life.

Pearls of Great Price explores the writings and lives of Orthodox Saints with host Veronica Hughes. Each episode begins with reading a selected passage before Veronica offers her personal thoughts and experiences as someone striving to deepen her personal relationship with Christ.

Orthodox Life with Fr. Jason is a casual, catechetical show targeted at Orthodox young adults and emerging leaders, aimed at discussing contemporary moral issues in addition to teachings of the faith. Listeners are encouraged to submit questions and areas of struggle to be discussed in future shows.

Our Life in Christ and in America seeks to examine our modern-day social and political problems through the lens of our Holy Orthodox Faith. Join host Bill Hinkle, former Minority Whip of the Washington State House of Representatives, as he and his guests ask what our calling is as Orthodox believers in 21st century America.

Orthodox Family and Faith is a partnership program with the Greek Archdiocese Center for Family Care featuring interviews with clergy and family care specialists. These interviews offer practical, everyday suggestions about how to improve our relationships with our family, our Church, and God Himself.

OCN Now is the place to go for updates on other Orthodox agencies, book reviews, and human interest stories. It is also home to our monthly “Orthodoxy and Islam” segments, which offers updates on Orthodox populations in predominantly Muslim countries. Check in regularly – you never know what you’ll find!

Plus, in addition to our audio lineup, we are extremely proud of our weekly newscast, This Week in Orthodoxy – the world’s only online video news program that covers Orthodox news from around the globe and across all jurisdictional lines. For the first time ever, English-speaking Orthodox faithful have a place they can turn to not only hear what’s happening in other jurisdictions, but to develop a true sense and appreciation of Orthodoxy’s global community and importance.

On behalf of everyone on the programming team at OCN, I want to thank you for listening! I also ask that you consider making your Paschal donation to OCN to help fund programming like this not just for yourself.

I pray that God continue to strengthen you and your families during this most blessed season of Lent.

Yours in Christ,

Anne Danckaert
Director of Programming, OCN

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Anne Danckaert

Anne Danckaert is a graduate of Indiana University and Ball State University. She has worked at OCN since 2007 in a variety of positions, with her current title being Director of Programming. Anne converted to Orthodoxy in 2005 and attends St. Anna's Greek Orthodox Church in Flemington, NJ, with her husband and two children.