News from the Family Life Ministry

News from the Family Life Ministry


Family Life Ministry helps families in our communities lead Christ-centered lives through a dynamic website, dedicated seminars and retreats, in addition to online and print materials available to all our parishes.

Featured on our Website

Joyful Noise: Through both short blogs and online videos, Presbytera Jocelyn Mathewes takes us on a delightful, personal journey as she speaks from the heart about what it means to truly practice Orthodoxy in the home.

Dad’s Corner: A spirited and engaging series written by Rev. Dn. Stephen Muse PhD LMFT, a father, licensed counselor, and Dean of Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Mission in Columbus.

Summer Reading for Kids: A series of book reviews meant to help find substantive, engaging Orthodox books that appeal to children of a variety of ages, during these last months of summer.

Summer Means Breaking Bread: A series of reflections on ways to make mealtime an opportunity to grow in unity as an Orthodox family.

Kindred Spirits: Interviews spotlighting senior citizen organizations throughout our Metropolis, showing how these pillars of the community continue to remain active in the life of the Church.

Journey of Marriage: A single Saturday, six-hour seminar for all couples marrying in the Orthodox Church. Held repeatedly, all across the Metropolis, this informative session will help couples grow closer to one another, and grow closer in Christ. Beginning September 1st 2015, participation will be considered mandatory for all engaged couples.

Upcoming Events

“Manna From Heaven”: A family retreat for single mothers and their children. October 16-18, 2015 at our beautiful Diakonia Retreat Center in Salem, South Carolina.

In 2016: A new seminar series for all married couples, to be held at various locations throughout the Metropolis.

April 8-10, 2016: The Spring Family Retreat for all families in our Metropolis, to be held at the DRC.

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