An Orthodox Christian App Designer

An Orthodox Christian App Designer


Apps have become a booming market with the expansion of smartphone use. Like the internet generally, as well as social media, there needs to be an Orthodox presence in this field. In this episode of The Moving Icon, Chris Vlahonasios interviews Joachim Vesely, an Orthodox app designer and filmmaker who was the winner of Byzanfest 2014’s “Best Screenplay & Best Film” award for his film, Power of Dogs. Joachim shares with our listeners details on how to create and market apps. He also offers his expertise to assist other Orthodox developers who may have ideas they would like to create.

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Chris Vlahonasios

Chris Vlahonasios is the owner of Transfigure Media and founder of the Byazanfest film festival, the world’s only online Orthodox Christian film festival streaming the very best short and feature-length films.