The Sounding Orthodox Blog Celebrates 40+ Writers!

The Sounding Orthodox Blog Celebrates 40+ Writers!


As OCN begins celebrating its 20th Anniversary year of broadcasting, it also celebrates a milestone in the growth of one of its younger program offerings. The Sounding, OCN’s popular multi-author blog, now features more than 40 Orthodox Christian writers, ten times the number it started with 2.5 years ago.

This extraordinary group of writers is noteworthy both for its size and its diversity, bringing to OCN the voices and perspectives of multiple generations, jurisdictions, professions, and walks of life. Teen writers, grandmothers, priests, educators, parents, IT professionals, converts, and cradle Orthodox contribute regularly to The Sounding.

The Sounding’s readership has grown even more rapidly than its writing staff, expanding from a few hundred loyal followers in the early days to hundreds of thousands of fans, in the United States and worldwide. “These numbers send us a strong message about the power of the internet to reach people for Christ,” said OCN Executive Director Fr. Christopher Metropulos. “We have found that the more we publish, the more our readers connect with these writers and ask for more.”

The Sounding’s growing roster has enabled OCN to run several special programs on the blog, such as two recent series by Fr. Lawrence Farley, “Understanding the Nicene Creed” and “Sacraments and Rituals of the Orthodox Church.” Both demonstrate the ability of The Sounding to contribute to Orthodox parish life, as they are designed for use as lesson series for teen or adult Sunday school.

Another feature on the blog has been articles by Elena Praggastis and Sandra Glisic, both in their late teens, bringing us the voice of the younger generation of Orthodox. Both Elena and Sandra share the experiences and perspectives they encounter as they strive to live faithfully in their intensely secular world.

To learn more about this special group of writers, visit the Orthodox Christian Writers page on Here you see photos of our writers, learn more about them, and read the articles they’ve written for OCN. “At OCN, we are in touch with people around the clock, around the world,” said Melinda Johnson, who manages The Sounding. “We learned quickly that many people come to us for companionship in their Christian walk. When they read The Sounding, they connect with the person who wrote each article. It’s like finding a friend for the journey.”

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