Orthodox News: Syrian Bishops, Prison Ministry, March for Life

Orthodox News: Syrian Bishops, Prison Ministry, March for Life


Welcome to “This Week in Orthodoxy”, the world’s only online video newscast focused on events in the life of the Orthodox Church.  I’m Emmy Louvaris. These are some of the stories making headlines this week.

  1. 1000 Days and More, Remembering The Syrian Kidnapped Bishops of Aleppo
  1. State of Florida court says, Religious people can help ex-convicts
  1. Chicago Mayor Proclaims Saint Sava Academy Day 
  1. Orthodox Christians represented at annual March to Life


Kidnapped Bishops of Aleppo

First up, it’s been over 1000 days since Archbishop Paul Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Yohanna Ibrahim, were abducted by Islamist extremists in April of 2013.

Among the first victims of persecution in the Middle East, the Bishops kidnappings brought light, at that time, to the escalating violence against Christians; as extremists gained more and more power, blatantly flaunting their ability to wage terror at any level. In the three years that have followed the world has seen unbelievable Christian persecution, continued attacks against innocent victims, thousands fleeing their homelands, and even more horrific public displays of violence and mutilation, all in an effort to eliminate Christianity in the Middle East while securing political power.

The Antiochian Orthodox Media Center has developed a one minute video spot in an effort to keep the lives of these two missing Bishops at the forefront.

Prison Ministry

Next up from Florida, A New York based atheist group has spent the last nine years suing the State of Florida, to shut down prison ministry programs, claiming that state funds should never go to “pervasively sectarian” groups. According to the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, the atheist group has never seen the programs in action nor have they considered the valuable services provided by prison ministries like room, board, and job training assistance.

In a recent press release, “Florida can continue to partner with faith-based groups to serve recently released prisoners, thanks to two prisoner ministries, Prisoners of Christ and Lamb of God, who stood up against the atheist activist group. The ministries, both represented by the Becket Fund, argued in court that the law allows religious groups to partner with the state to feed, house, and help former prisoners find jobs.

They also argued that the law did not allow the atheist group—which had never seen the program in action, witnessed its life-changing success, nor had any interest in offering assistance to recently released prisoners—to discriminate against private groups just because of their faith.”

Lori Windham, Senior Legal Counsel said, “The Court was right to reject a discriminatory attempt to punish successful prisoner ministries simply because they were run by religiously-inspired people.”

If you are interested in Prison Ministry, The Orthodox Christian faith also has a Prison Ministry in America, Under the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops, OCPM serves to train volunteers to minister to those incarcerated and serve those in prisons. For more information log onto www.theocpm.org

Saint Sava Academy Day

And next up, Chicago Mayor Emanuel has officially proclaimed January 27th, as Saint Sava Academy Day in recognition of the school’s work and contributions to the community.

Saint Sava Academy is “the only full-time elementary school in Chicago offering dual language education in both Serbian and Russian languages,” “offers a safe community where students are able to express their culture and religious beliefs,” and “sustains an Orthodox faith-based education that provides students a strong spiritual compass both inside and outside the classroom.”

Leaders of Holy Resurrection Cathedral and Saint Sava Academy warmly welcomed the Mayor’s proclamation, as a very important and deserved recognition for their school, and an honor for the whole community.

Founded in 2001, the school offers a dynamic PreK-8th grade education.

January 27th is the feast day of the revered Serbian patron saint of education and culture, Saint Sava Who was the first archbishop of Serbia.

March for Life 

And Lastly, from Washington DC, With predictions of the worst snowfall in 90 years, despite the brutal weather, thousands took part in the annual March for Life on Friday, January 22.

His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon, clergy and seminarians, and faithful from across the country gathered representing the pan-Orthodox community braving the cold, carrying icons and “Orthodox Christians for Life” banners and signs.  Marchers made their way to the US Supreme Court while Metropolitan Tikhon offered prayers for those who have fallen victim to abortion. “The March” marked the 43rd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in the United States.

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That brings another edition of “This Week in Orthodoxy,” to a close. For everyone here in our OCN studios, I’m Emmy Louvaris. Let’s go forth in peace.



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