An Orthodox Photographer and Therapist

JustinIn this episode of Moving Icon, Chris Vlahonasios interviews Finnish Orthodox photographer and ​therapist Juha Roisko, who is a trustee of the Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki, the largest Orthodox Cathedral in Western Europe.

Mr. Roisko describes how all the various layers of his life – artist, therapist, and Orthodox Christian – all act as one, as St. Paul wrote: “I now longer live, but Christ lives in me.” He considers his various vocations to be a single mission to help people draw closer to each other and our Heavenly Father. He also explains the fact that, while he employs artistic techniques in many photographs, he always captures religious settings,
such as churches and liturgies, as straight and simple photographs, out of his belief that those spaces themselves lend the healing power he hopes to convey.​

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Chris Vlahonasios

Chris Vlahonasios is a law graduate from Victoria University and Orthodox media writer for TRANSFIGURE Media.