Our Faith is as Sweet as Honey

Our Faith is as Sweet as Honey


My husband and daughter are beekeepers. They have many hives they tend and are responsible for. Recently, they hosted a gathering and invited people to come learn more about beekeeping.  As I watched the demonstration, I realized what tireless workers the bees are. They tend to the hive in many ways. Some go forth and pollinate the flowers, bringing back the fragrant nectar. Others watch over the queen and attend to her needs. Older bees stand as sentries to guard and defend the hive.

More to be desired are they than gold and a very precious stone, sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.  Psalm 18:11.

As the bees bring nectar, the hive grows and grows. The honeycomb grows heavier with beeswax and honey. At least twice a year, my husband and daughter don their bee clothes. Enclosed in protective layers, they lightly smoke the bees to keep them calm. Pulling the frames out of the hive, they inspect them for readiness. If they are honey-laden, they remove them. There is a special tool which scrapes the frames of the waxy comb. After that, the frames are placed in a spinner which extracts the golden honey.

He fed them with the finest of wheat and satisfied them with honey from the rock. Psalm 80:17

Bees are God-inspired by nature to pollinate flowers, build comb, and make honey. They do the work that needs to be done without question. When bees are born, they take care of each other. As they grow, they take on more responsibility such as pollinating and taking care of the queen bee. As they age, they lose their wings but are still useful. They stand guard at the hive and greet the others as they return.

The bees and their hive remind me of us and our faith. No matter what stage of life we are in, we can be God’s servants. We can spread the good word, work with others, be spiritually productive, and tend to our hive. The end result of this tireless work is a unity of faith and a strength born from richness of spirit – the honey! We should work hard for the good of the faith and be willing to devote our time and energies to it. It can grow and be fruitful, just like the hive.

Did you ever notice how bees look for the sweet? They are not like flies that look for unsavory things. The bees are attracted to the fragrant and shining examples of beauty. So it should be with us. To keep our attitude in check, to remind us that our glass is always half full (and not half empty), we need only think of the honeybee. Look for the sweet in life and work tirelessly in faith.

Good words are a honeycomb, and their sweetness is a healing of the soul. Proverbs 16:22

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Joanne Jamis Cain is a steward of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. She has been married to the love of her life, Jim for thirty five years. They have two beautiful children and two grandchildren. Joanne is a wedding and event planner. Visit her blog at http://katherinesdaughter.com/. Her first book "Ordinary Is Extraordinary" was published in spring of 2016.